Monday, June 01, 2009

Hello from Oregon!

Hi! Well, we did get our laptop hooked up, but I don't have my camera cord and I didn't bring my card making stuff. But I can check in and say Hi and look in on your blogs and see what you are up to :) . My husband and I have worked much in the yard at my mom-in-law's property. But today we are going to ride over to the coast and check out the Pacific.

We have helped MIL celebrate her 97th birthday. Some friends met us at Carlos's which is a great Mexican restaurant here in little Cave Junction. There were 14 who helped her celebrate 97 years of life. The next day she couldn't remember what we did, or where those flowers came from, but at the time, she enjoyed it!

Will check in often now that I have means.

Hugs to you all... Linda

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  1. Hi Linda
    glad to hear you MIL enjoyed her birthday, have a lovely day, sue.x