Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Sunday Morning!

Good morning, and I hope you are having a good Sunday. I'm home from church today with my little Mom-in-law. She had a bit of a bad day yesterday, hard time breathing, so we are taking it easy. I'm not going to be posting cards for awhile. I have a ton of her pictures I need to scrapbook, and who knows how much longer we're going to get to enjoy having her around. So, that is going to be my top priority for a time. She has pictures of her grandparents... and she's 96, so you know how old those must be! I'll check in once in a while, but won't be doing any cards. Don't give up on me!

Thanks, Linda

1 comment:

  1. Do hope yur MIL is soon feeling better, we have to make most of our time with special peeps, look forward to seeing you back soon. Take care, sue.xx