Wednesday, February 04, 2009

House Mouse DT Call Application

Well, huh! I've not done anything like this before! I have a few more HMs that I haven't made cards from yet. And Hobby Lobby is just 2 1/2 miles from my house... and I know where there are 3 stamp stores that sell cute HMs.... Planning ahead, you see! I'd love to be a design team member for House Mouse. I love those little critters, and the bears and bunnies. I am brand new (4 months or so) to the stamping community, but I've been bitten hard by the bug. As my dh says: "Addicted"! So, without further ado, my samples:

I'm getting better all the time! Thanks for considering each of us. I'd hate to be making this decision!


  1. Wow what a stunning set of cards, they are beautiful, only been doing cards four months!!! you are fab. i have only just got some of these stamps but need lots more they are soooo cute. Keep up the brill work will be keepin me beady eye on you!! lol. sue.xx

  2. Good luck! Your cards are adorable!

  3. Thank you, Sue and Kerri, for the encouragement! Sue, welcome to my blog! Nice to have you along for this ride down a country road!