Friday, February 05, 2010

Our new puppy

These two pictures were taken just a few minutes ago. This is Gabbi, our 13 week old GSD: German Shepherd Dog. She is quite a character. She gained 4 1/2 lbs between 8 and 10 weeks, and 10 lbs between 8 and 12 weeks! She's going to be a big girl!

These are pics of her right after we got her. She was 7 weeks, 2 days when we brought her home. She's changed a little, hasn't she! I'll be glad when she's pas the biting stage! I just had to put a bandaid on my arm where she got me! She doesn't mean to hurt, she just is playing. She's very smart, of course! But GSD's are as a breed. Look at those feet!
This is for you, Sue! Thanks a bunch for lookin'!


    thank you for sharing hun, im in love she is adorable, oh now you posted her i like to see updates?? Pretty please, thanks hun. Did you sort out ya comments moderation?? will find out in a mo when i post this wont i!!! lol Have good day hun, sue.x

  2. no you havent ! lol, mail me hun i give you distructions, sue,.xx

  3. AWw what a gorgeous doggie!
    I have a GSD, we love them, lost our Beau last year, Kimmy in 2005

    Your baby is adorable adn I too would love to see some more pics
    mandi UK