Monday, March 08, 2010

Gabbi at 18 weeks

I took these pics this morning. This little white dog is our 12 yr old Maltese, Jacob. He was my "empty nest" puppy. We have to keep them seperated because Jacob wants to fight Gabbi, and Gabbi wants to play. She plays a little rough for his liking. Hopefully some day they will be friends!

Look how light she is getting. And those ears! They are so strong! She's a sweet girl, wants to greet everyone. Thinks everyone should want to meet her! She likes to drag her pad out of her crate and lie on it outside the crate on the kitchen floor. I guess I don't blame her :).

Thanks for lookin' at our little (I use that term loosely) girl.



  1. Adorle as ever!
    We ahev been lucky enough to have ahd 3 German Shepherds over the years, just Belle now
    they do go so golden, beautiful colour

    I will post a piccy of Belle on my blog for you to see her

    Gabby is turing into a very beautiful doggie
    mandi xx

  2. Hi Linda
    awwww i WANT one! lol, she is so pretty, beautiful colour, thanks for the piccie hun, sue.xx