Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Gabbi is 4 months (17 weeks 1 day)

This is our "little girl" todayl Look at those ears! My hubby says she's a rabbit! Both ears are strong and straight now, no more lopping over. I love it when they cock their heads to the side when you talk to them. She still wants to bite, but not as bad. Now we are teaching "Off" when she jumps up on us. She loves to greet the kids in the neighborhood... and they love to see her! But she's a bit exuberant yet. We sure don't want her hurting anyone! She's been to the beach twice now, and loves it... loves to run around. Need to take her to the dog park to run around and socilize with other pups.

Her coloring gets lighter every day. Think she's going to have a really pretty "saddle" soon.

Thanks for your interest and for lookin'! She's a sweetie.


  1. OH what a beauty she is!
    MWAH Gabbi,...you are so gorgeous!

    My Kimmy had huge ears and feet, My husband always called ehr wingnut lol

    Thanks for posting a picture

    mandi xx

  2. Hi Linda
    awwwww she is just beautiful hun, so pretty, thanks for piccie hun, sue,x